By Gabrielle.

The older kids were talking about romantic comedies over the holiday break, and I encouraged them to watch You’ve Got Mail. Maybe they were faking, but they seemed to really enjoy it. At the very least, I got a kick out of watching them watch it. : )

There was a year, about the time Maude was born, when I watched that movie at least a hundred times, but I hadn’t seen it in forever. Have you watched it lately? I can’t believe how much I still like it.

That caviar is a GARNISH!

This time around, the bookstore storyline really hit me, and the reality of how much things have changed in the last decade. If we were placing bets in 2013 on which store had the better chance of surviving the year — Shop Around the Corner vs. Big Bad Fox Books — my money would be on the little guy. I would suggest some sort of artisanal twist, like beefing up her collection of first editions, or concentrating on out-of-print books. And I would definitely encourage her to offer her in-store collection online. But poor Fox Books, what in the world we would recommend to a 3-story-mega-book-chain? I’m afraid I would sadly tell them the forecast doesn’t look good.

Would you agree? Can you imagine what the world will be like in another 10 years? And the most important question: Do you like the movie as much as I?

P.S. — I get a huge kick out of listening to the dial-up internet sounds in the opening credits.

P.P.S. — I still covet Meg Ryan’s hair in this movie. Also, her apartment.