red wild poppies in Francewild red poppies in France

The little daffodils are long gone, but in their place wild poppies have sprung up everywhere. I’m told they’re considered by some residents to be a weed, but I adore them! I think poppies are gorgeous and I spend time every year making sure they’re a part of my flower garden.

red wild poppies in Francered wild poppies in France

Here in the countryside, they grow along the roads and on the edges of plowed fields. Every so often, there are is a big hill full of them and I feel compelled to stop and take pictures.

red wild poppies in France

Oh, France. Even your weeds are pretty!

P.S. — Have you ever received a red crepe-paper poppy from the American Legion Auxiliary? I still have one from when I attended Girls State in high school. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a paper poppy. Memorial Day is coming — I think I’ll look up instructions and make them with my kids.

red wild poppies in France