Are you planting wheat grass this year? If you plant it today or tomorrow, it will be the perfect length on April 4th.

Here are my easy directions:
-Fill and level your container with potting soil. Leave about an inch of space at the top.
-Place an even layer of wheat kernels on the soil. It should be a pretty solid layer with only a little bit of dirt showing.
-Water daily. Keep the soil pretty moist. For a 6-inch container, I would pour in a glass of water each morning.

That’s it. You’ll see sprouts in about 48 hours. And grass in about a week. The wheat won’t look great for ever — some people trim it with scissors to extend it’s life — but I prefer to just replant.

A note about containers:
I’ve had success planting wheat grass in all sorts of containers, as long as I’m considerate of drainage. I’ve planted in metal buckets with no drainage holes, using a couple inches of foam peanuts underneath the soil. I’ve planted in glass containers, lining the bottom couple of inches with pretty pebbles. And I’ve planted in traditonal ceramic containers with built in drainage holes.