I bookmarked this tweet the other day because I was enjoying the responses so much. A woman I follow named Caissie St.Onge asked people what products give them a cheap thrill. Her exact words:

“I’ve been going on about the Revlon One Step & Trader Joe’s Baked Lemon Ricotta because I want to share the joy! I want to know what gives you a cheap thrill. What’s your fave thing that cost under $50. (Don’t say family/friendship/nature. We’re talking material goods, here!)”

The comments are a full-on treasure trove! So many interesting recommendations. Most are in the food and skincare/beauty categories, with other random and fun items mixed in (including a surprising number of socks!). Here are three products I noted:

-Alvin Glass Inkwell Sharpener, $12. Suggested by Maggie Mason.

-Korean Skincare Toner, $40. Suggested by Eden Dranger — she says the toner is magic.

-Coty Airspun Loose Powder, $6. Suggested by Alice Anderson who is a poet.

Fun right? And there are so many responses, so I’m sure I haven’t even seen a lot of the recommendations. Of course, the tweet made me super curious. What would you add to this list? A few of mine are:

-This fabric shaver for lint and pills (it’s rechargeable!), $25. I find de-fuzzing a sweater, while watching a show or listening to an audiobook a deeply satisfying activity.

-Simple Flour Sack Towels with Colored Trim, $8 for 3. These are a really handsome basic.

-Honest Beauty Mascara, $13. Safe ingredients, cruelty-free, rave reviews, and a great price.

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear your recommendations! And I should note: Caissie mentioned a limit of $50, but many (most?) of the products mentioned are under $20. Can’t wait to read your picks!