By Gabrielle.

As I mentioned, I’ve had two grandmothers pass away in the last few months. And my aunts and uncles have bravely taken on the always challenging task of sorting through cupboards and boxes and deciding what should be kept and what should be donated (or just plain tossed).

When going through my Grandma Lucille’s things, my aunts and uncles realized that she’d planned for this task. In each carefully packed box, she left a little something to entertain them! A little figurine or random Christmas ornament. Anything she thought might make them laugh.

Isn’t that fantastic? I can picture her giggling as she packed things up.

It makes me hope for two things: One, that I have a long life with enough winding-down years that I can prep my belongings for my kids. And two, that I’ll remember to leave happy surprises any time I have an opportunity.

What’s your take — does the story make you smile, or is the idea of thinking about one’s own mortality too morbid?

P.S. — It didn’t occur to me until I saw this photo, but I bet I got my curls from Grandma Lucille.