School start September 6th. Today I will go through my kids fall/winter clothes and make an evaluation — what have they outgrown, what looks too worn — before I start shopping for school clothes. If my memory serves, their wardrobes are in pretty good shape and I won’t need to add many items, mostly just fill in a few gaps and get some new sneakers. But even though their existing clothes are workable, I like to have a brand new outfit for them to wear the first day of school. It just makes the day feel more special.

So this post is “What to Wear to the First Day of School : Kingergarten Edition.” Pictured, is the outfit I’ve picked out for Olive’s first day. Just imagine this outfit with little, beribboned pigtails and her clear blue eyes. She will be absolutely irresistible to any Kindergarten teacher. And in my experience, if the teacher loves my kid, I will love the teacher — which makes for a happy school year.

Note: I’m stealing the What-to-Wear idea from the wonderful EmilyStyle.

Dress by Old Navy. (I picked this out earlier.)
Socks by Old Navy.
Shoes by Garvalin Kids.
Sweater (if it’s chilly) from Boden.
Ribbon (to tie around pigtails) from the Ribbon Factory.