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It’s Betty Blair’s turn! (Fun fact: Betty is our only child with no middle name.) If Betty was in the US, she would be attending Kindergarten. Here, she’ll be attending the final year of Maternelle.

For some reason that I can no longer remember, I hadn’t shopped for Betty in ages. Everything she owned was either too small or stained and worn. So her wardrobe received a pretty complete overhaul. She seems very happy with the new clothes and thought modeling for these shots was the bees knees. Betty loves school and I’m betting she’ll be the first Blair kid to be fluent in French.

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P.S. I included an image of Betty’s lunchbox. I picked it up at a tag sale and Betty was NOT interested. But we tied on a big red bow and that made it acceptable. : )

– Orangey/red polkadot dress, houndstooth coat, jeans, pink pants, grey pullover with white bow, grey cableknit tights, navy stripe dress, red tights from H&M Kids.
– Charcoal grey cardigan and burgundy ruffle front henley from Zara Kids (last year)
– Purple leggings, tunic and scarf, from DPAM.
– Green/Blue booties from Joy Folie.
– Denim jumper from Petit Bateau.
– Red tiny-gingham top, teal scarf from Okaidi.
– Red shoes from Carrefore grocery store.
– Denim jacket from Target (2 years ago).