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Are you completely sick of What to Wear posts yet? So many kids! I hope you’ll indulge me while I finish the series. It’s Oscar’s turn now, and I think I’ll post Betty’s today too, so it’s all wrapped up this week. Thank you truly for your kind comments. The kids LOVE reading what you have to say.

Oscar is all about comfort. If his clothes allow him to do “rad moves” then he is happy and satisfied. One thing I realized as we were putting away his new clothes: I pretty much only buy striped socks for Oscar. A little peek of happy stripes can make even the most uneventful outfit feel young and adorable. But really, Oscar is adorable with or without stripes.

I would guess most of Oscar’s outfits (except maybe the scarf) would fit right in both American and French schools. What do you think?

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P.S. — Speaking of school clothes, remember Cher in Clueless?

– Blue stripe sweater, red seersucker top from Z-Enfant.
– Dark denim jeans, tie-waist pants, dark houndstooth pants, stripey socks, blue hoodie pullover, navy stripe tee, navy solid tee from H&M Kids.
– Black sneakers from Zara Kids.
– Grey denim jeans from DPAM. The scarf also (it’s the same one he wore in our recent Family Photos).
– Yellow striped polo from Verbaudet (last year).
– White collarless shirt was a hand-me-down from our landlord.