Alt Summit was over a month ago, but I’m still fielding questions about what I wore to the conference, so I thought I’d share a little wardrobe tour. But before I start I should tell you that these pictures were taken on a downer sort of day, and the simple act of putting on a real outfit (and lipstick!)  turned things around in a jiffy. I need to remember that for future bummed-out days!

Outfit 1: I wore this on Thursday during the sessions and panels. It’s a really easy outfit to wear. Comfortable, and made in easy-to-clean fabrics. In fact, I wore it to the market this morning, and I’m wearing it right now as I type. Except I’ve switched out the heels for black flats. Heels are great for a conference, but not as fun on cobblestone streets.

Turtleneck from Uniqlo, skirt from H&M ($10!!), tights from the grocery store, booties from Zara, necklace from I can’t remember — I’ve had it for ages.

Outfit 2: I wore this on Friday during sessions and panels. I love this dress because you could pair it with a million things and it’s such a complementary shape. I like the neckline and I like where the sleeves hit.

Dress from Uniqlo, necklace from H&M or maybe Target, I’ve had it for ages too, tights from the grocery store, shoes by C. Louboutin (found these for a bargain on Ebay!).

Outfit 3: This is another version of the outfit I talked about last week, but instead of denim, I paired a button-down with high-waisted cropped pants. The pants have some tuxedo detailing so they feel a little dressy. I wore this outfit on Saturday during the Design Camps. I loved how I felt in this outfit!

Silk scarf from a market in Florence, button-down from Uniqlo, cuff was a gift from Mara, pants from H&M, shoes by Simply Vera Wang. NEWS: more about the cuff bracelet here — it was made by Sarah Alice Fulton.

Outfit 4: I wore this on Wednesday, which is the day most attendees arrive and get registered.

Is anyone else happy that drop-waist styles have started appearing again? They are so kind to mom tummies! And the wedge boots are kind to moms too. I adore wedges! They give you the sexiness of heels, but you can walk in them easily.

Dress from Naf Naf (it’s my favorite French shop for finding dresses), tights and boots from Zara. Initial necklace was a gift from my sister Sara. She found it at Sundance.

Outfit 5: I brought this outfit to wear during the Friday Night Mini Parties, but ended up switching out the dress for this turquoise one, because clever Sarah brought gowns that were perfect for our Chinese New Year theme! I like this outfit. Very simple with little glam touches on zippers, shoes and earrings. Plus, after wearing heels all day, it’s so nice to have flats to wear in the evening!

I also have to say, I’m so glad there are tons of really thick tights available these days. When I wear them, I feel like I have leggings on, and I appreciate the extra coverage.

Dress and flats from Zara, earrings from Naf Naf, tights from the grocery store.

Outfit 6: Here’s a glimpse of what I wore to the Thursday Night Diner en Blanc Party. I’ll be honest, this outfit wasn’t my favorite. It fit right in among all that white, but I felt like a bride. : ) Also. I regretted not wearing flats that night. My poor feet!

Maxi skirt from Naf Naf, lace top from Zara. Pearls from my Grandma Daisy. Shoes by Simply Vera Wang.

Well, what do you think? Is there anything here you could work into your own wardrobe? Do you like getting dressed in the morning? Or would you rather not think about clothing at all?

P.S. — Ben Blair was the photographer on these images. He did such a great job!