By Gabrielle. First & last images by Justin Hackworth. All other images by Ben Blair for Design Mom.

A year ago, at the request of readers, I posted a little guide to what I wore to Alt Summit. Based on the comments, you seemed to enjoy it, and it ended up being a really good thing for me, too. I used those photos as head shots and avatar images all year long! And I like having a record of what my wardrobe was like at that moment in time. So this year, I’m doing the same post with the hope that it will again serve me well — and that hopefully you’ll like it, too.

But I have to say, I have had this on the calendar for a week and couldn’t quite get brave enough to hit publish. If you’ve been reading Design Mom for even a short while, you know that I take and share dozens of photos each week, but normally don’t post many photos of myself — and certainly not 20+ images at the same time! Thank you for indulging me.

Let’s start with the Ms. Peacock outfit.

I wore this for the Clue Party on Thursday night of the conference. I made my hat in the hotel room a few minutes before the party started! Earlier that week, I picked up 2 peacock feather wreaths and a roll of black tulle at Michaels. My intention was to fashion them into some sort of peacock fascinator, but I ended up running out of time! So I simply put the two wreaths back-to-back with the tulle between them and hot glued it all together. (Yes. I did pack my hot glue gun with me across ocean. That should not surprise any of you.)

The tulle in the center of the wreaths kept my head from going all the way through, and I also glued in tulle that draped over my eyes to add some drama. But seriously, I don’t think I needed any additional drama. I was already wearing 2 wreaths on my head!

My hat was so big that I couldn’t bring it home with me, so I gave it to my sister Sara. (Hopefully it will make it into her legendary costume stash.)

Dress from COS — I love the satin detail on the back. I bought it last spring during my Paris shopping trip with Jordan. Peacock tights I’ve had forever. The necklace I found at a shoe store — doesn’t it look peacock-y? And the silver heels are from Naf Naf.

The next outfit is what I wore on Thursday during the day. You’ve seen me in it if you read my Chris Anderson post. I adore this dress! The boxy fit. The zipper pockets. The color. The neckline. The whole thing makes me happy.

Dress from COS, picked up last spring at the same time as the grey peacock dress. Black tights from the grocery store. Black booties are the same ones I wore last year. The silk polka-dot scarf I found on ebay; it’s by Ralph Lauren. The cuff is the same one I wore last year — a gift from Mara.

This outfit is probably my very favorite! I wore this on Saturday during the Design Camps and it’s so comfy it might as well be pajamas. It’s the only jumpsuit I own, and I wish I had 10 of them. I bought this last summer and have worn it probably a hundred times since then. It’s made of polyester and is easy to clean, plus never needs ironing. It always looks good! And if I add or subtract layers, I can wear it all year long. I asked Ben Blair to take some shots focusing on the neckline of the jumpsuit because I think it’s so flattering!

Jumpsuit from Benetton. Cardigan from H&M. Gold flats are the same I wore last year. If you haven’t noticed yet, I shopped my closet for most everything this year! One of the only new additions was the peacock hat. : ) Speaking of the gold flats, they are sadly worn out and I can’t seem to find any I like quite as much. If you spot any fabulous replacements, please let me know!

Outfit #4 I wore while I traveled. Comfy. Warm. Easy to wear in cold Paris and cold Salt Lake City.

Sweater from Banana Republic — I bought it last fall from their new shop on the Champs Elysees. Bright blue jeans and sequin hat from H&M. I’ve had both for over a year. The black booties are newish. From Bocage.

Next up is the outfit I wore on Friday during the day. You’ll see more of it when I write up my post about Stefan Sagmeister (coming soon!). In these images, I don’t think I look particularly striking in this outfit, but I sure felt confident in this get up at the conference! It was a power outfit!!

Black skirt I bought the weekend we moved to Colorado — it was from Macys. The turtleneck is from H&M. I bought it last month — only 5 euros! Black tights are my grocery store pair. The red shoes are the same ones as last year. The necklaces are from Ethiopia.

Outfit #6 is what I wore on Tuesday before the conference started, when I was running errands around Salt Lake City. This outfit has the most pieces and layers and is the most flexible. A good winter-time ensemble.

Dress is by Tamar Daniels — she sent it to me last year. It’s an amazing travel dress. You can crumble it into ball and it still looks great. Alas! I heard Tamar’s line has shut down. Denim jacket is from The Gap. I’ve had it for years. The tights are another grocery store pair. The boots are the same as last year. And my favorite part is the scarf — handknit by my sister Rachel from the softest wool!

Outfit #7 is another that is not looking very flattering to me in these pictures, but I feel great in it in person. Hah!  I wore this on Wednesday of the conference during registration.

Gold jeans, brown turtleneck (5 euros!), and silk shirt all from H&M. The necklace is a cross from Ethiopia — a gift from a friend there. The shoes I’ve had for years.

Lastly, not pictured is the dress I wore to the Friday Night Mini-Parties. It’s actually the black zipper dress I showed you last year! (I meant it when I said I mostly shopped my closet this year.) I don’t have pictures of it from this year, but this is the coat I wore over it. Cute, right? The coat is from Naf Naf.

And that’s it!

What do you think? Is there a look you like best? How did I do at Alt Summit 2013?

P.S. — I’m aware that this post, and last year’s post are obnoxiously named. You don’t need direction on what to wear to Alt Summit — you are perfectly capable of getting dressed all by yourself! And though there are “what to wear” classes and guides, they are mostly for fun, because there is no dress code at the conference. I’m just being cheeky. : )