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Olive’s Turn! Olive Jean Blair is delightful. She adores color and we did our best to work it in amongst the navy and grey and neutrals. As you might guess, Olive’s wardrobe is peppered with hand-me-downs from Maude — but we always make sure to work in a few new things that are especially for her.

Today is the first day of school and she’s wearing the yellow tights outfit. It’s my favorite! The navy “jacket” with the buttons and zips is actually quite lightweight and functions as a shirt or a cardigan. She looks fantastic in the outfit (and in everything she wears).

What do you think? Still Euro-looking? Or is Olive’s wardrobe more “American”? Find the whole series here.

– Military jacket by Z Enfant.
– Grey flannel pleated skirt, yellow tights, grey peacoat by H&M Kids.
– Polka dot socks, grey embellished tee from Zara Kids.
– Yellow stripe scarf, blue stripe neckerchief from Polarn O. Pyret.
– Jeans, purple/green outfit, cream dress by DPAM (purple/green outfit was from last year, she wore part of it, over the cream dress, in our Family Photos).
– Navy hi-tops and blue bow-tie flats from Eram.
– Western shirt from last year’s school clothes.

Hand-me-downs from Maude:
Short-sleeve tie-front hoodie
Denim button-down
– Grey boots (from Target)
– Black Adidas
Creme Cardigan
– Black jeans (from Old Navy)
– Navy jumper, red stripe sweater and red knee socks (all from GapKids)