Last night, we sat around the kitchen table chatting, laughing and cracking walnuts from our tree. Such a pleasant way to pass an evening! The walnut tree at La Cressonnière (it’s the treehouse tree) has been over-the-top generous with its crop of walnuts. We’ve gathered basket after basket with no end in sight.

The kids pick them up right off the grass.

In April, our friend Stephanie gifted us a bottle of walnut oil and it’s delicious. I wonder if we can take our walnut harvest and have some oil pressed… I’ve never done anything like that. Have you?

In August I shared a picture of the green fruit growing on the walnut tree. This is the first time I’ve lived with a walnut tree in my backyard, so I didn’t know how it worked. But the green “fruit” is actually a husk.

The green husks turn brown, shrivel up and crack open. Inside is the walnut shell.

A few walnuts, still in their casings, remain on the tree. But mostly, the walnuts-in-their-shells fall to the ground where they can be harvested easily.

I think we’ll be cracking walnuts through the winter! Are you a walnut fan? Have you ever had a walnut tree or other nut tree? Do you have any favorite methods for cracking the shells?