On our way to Amsterdam, we stopped to see the world famous tulip fields. But oh dear, we were late! We searched the whole area and there were only a handful of fields still blooming. At first we were shocked. Just five days before our trip, Jordan had visited Holland and dozens of tulips fields were still in bloom. How could they have disappeared in such a short time?

But then, it was sort of hilarious — all the tourists were crowded in front of these few remaining fields, trying to get photos to document their visit.

Next to the still blooming fields you could see other fields where all the flower heads had been cut off. The flowers aren’t harvested to sell, instead, the flower heads are cut off at full bloom, which apparently makes the bulbs grow their biggest. Then weeks later, the bulbs are harvested and sold. I found it so interesting!

Luckily, the few remaining fields made for some great photos anyway.

I’ve posted a gallery of our shots below — including some images of the cut flower heads. You can click on any image to see it bigger.

Have you ever visited the tulip fields? I remember hearing about them in junior high — tulips had recently become my favorite flower and I daydreamed about visiting the tulips fields and taking glamorous pictures. : )