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You guys. You guys! The Treehouse Living Room Tour is ready to share. 

The Treehouse Living Room | Design MomThe Treehouse Living Room | Design MomThe Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

I am straight up in love with our living room. I love sitting on the twin sofas. I love the windows. I love the white-washed floors and the white-washed bricks. I love the long row of 3 benches that provide extra seating and give easy access to the views. I love the accordion pendant lamps. I love that the living room, dining nook, entry, hallway and kitchen are one open space. I love that I can sit with a magazine, and chat with Olive while she bakes a cake, or with Ralph while he makes a quesadilla. It’s a very comfortable, inviting, useable space. I’m excited to tell you all about it!

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

The sofas are my favorite. Their profile is handsome (see the image at top), and they’re a wonderful size — not as small as a love seat, and not as wide as a full couch. I searched and searched for something that would fit this space in just the right way. I wanted to create a sitting area around the fireplace and still leave room for a pathway between the benches and the sofas. (If you’re curious, the sofa is also available in teal, almond and mink — we chose almond.)

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

The coffee table is by Blu Dot. Isn’t it fantastic? It looks sort of airy and sculptural, but the marble makes it so substantial — it’s quite heavy!

The Treehouse Living Room | Design MomThe Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

We didn’t photograph the kitchen, because it’s still the nondescript space we inherited when we moved in, but you can see a peek of the kitchen island and our barstools — they face the sitting area. (The stools are great! I’ll tell you more about them in a later post.)

I bought the fringe-y throw blanket on the sofa when I was visiting Ethiopia.

The Treehouse Dining Nook | Design Mom

The living room leads to the dining nook. The Thonet chairs are vintage, purchased from Book/Shop here in Oakland. The reproduction table we bought when we lived in Colorado. And we’ve had the chandelier since New York. It’s a remarkable fixture — you can read more about it here.

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

The benches! I Instagrammed the benches a few weeks ago and they received lots of ooohs and aaahs. And I’m not surprised. They’re made of reclaimed wood, the proportions are excellent, and they’re simply handsome. The benches come in two finishes, I chose lime wash.

I love the benches as is, but I’m also hatching some plans for these. I’d love to have long cushions made for them, to make them even more inviting. I really want the family to actively enjoy the windows and I love imagining the kids curled up on cushioned benches watching the bluejays make their nests. I’m also considering adding a shelf to legs beneath the seat of each bench. The shelves would be a place where we could store more coffee table books.

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

We don’t have a full shot of it, but I also wanted to point out the tripod lamp by the fireplace. I splurged on this piece, but I’m glad I did. It’s really distinctive and adds some weight and gravitas to the room.

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

The rug is by Allen & Roth. It’s 8 x 10 feet, 100% wool, and wasn’t too expensive. That was important to me, because the rug is a bit of an experiment. I really like the plain wood floors in the room and I go back and forth on wanting a rug at all. So far, I’m a fan of this one. It adds warmth and comfort to the space and it’s easy to vacuum. But I may decide to go back to bare floors as the weather warms.

The whole room has a light/neutral palette with natural touches of wood and green. My intention was to use the light colors to help the space feel open, and to reflect the sunlight when it finds it way through the trees. And I wanted to use the natural accents to connect the living room with the forest that surrounds The Treehouse. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Okay. That’s essentially the full tour. But I do have a few more detail shots + sources if you’d like to see.


I snapped these up-close shots during the shoot, while Sarah took the gorgeous overall shots. First up is Mr. Hippo (maybe Mrs. Hippo? hard to tell). He was here in the house when we moved in. He is hand-made and heavy as can be. He’s fabulous.

Pillow by Dwell Studio. From The Treehouse Living Room Tour. | Design Mom

The pillow is by Dwell Studio. It’s the one and only throw pillow in the living room! This is the first time I’ve gone the less-is-more route with throw pillows — it seems like my usual instincts are to put pillows everywhere! But simplifying makes sense in this space. There’s so much going on living-wise, that it works best with less stuff. And honestly, it feels fresh to me.

But if I’m going to have only one pillow here, I’m glad it’s this one. It’s gorgeous! And the colors are perfect for the room.

Artichokes in a Wooden Bowl

Nothing too amazing about the artichokes, but I thought they were pretty. : ) Also, that wooden bowl is another favorite. It’s another piece that came with house — and we put it to good use daily!

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

I talked about the benches above, but I thought you might like to see an up-close shot. You may notice the lime wash looks darker in real-life than in the product photo.

Origami Pendant Lamps. From The Treehouse Living Room Tour. | Design Mom

The accordion pendant lamps make me smile every time I see them. They are sculptural and stunning. I know they look like a set, but three are from EQ3 and one is from Serena & Lily. They plug in (we added outlets on the ceiling) and offer a soft, warm glow.

Ceramic Bowl

This bowl is one of the best things in the house. It’s part of the pottery collection left by the previous owners. Isn’t it amazing? (The Instamax images are by Olive.)

Oversize pinecones. From The Treehouse Living Room Tour. | Design Mom

We collected the pinecones at Lake Tahoe. They’re huge! And I think they fit in the space in a wonderful way.

My uncle Mark and Aunt Robin’s home is in the forests between here and Tahoe. When I was growing up, they would bring us giant pinecones like this when they visited us in St. George, and we always had a bowl full in our home as part of the decor — so these also feel like a bit of family history.

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

This stunning chair is by Safavieh. The seat is made of leather strips. I love how the chair looks, I love that it’s comfortable, and I also love that it has a small footprint — important, because if it was bigger it would get in the way of foot traffic between the fireplace and seating area.

The Treehouse Living Room | Design Mom

Lastly, on the little ledge that is part of the fireplace wall, you’ll find a petite painting of the home we lived in France — complete with our vintage car! It was painted by Paul Ferney as a housewarming gift for us. Such a treasure!

Okay. Now I’m dying to know. How do you like the living room? Did it turn out how you imagined? Do you remember what it looked like when we first moved in? I’ll add a few “before” pics at bottom in case you’re curious. Have you ever lived with an open floorplan where one room blends into another? How would your family function in a space like this? And is there anything in the space I forgot to mention? Ask me about it in the comments!

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Before photos of the Living Room:

treehouse5treehouse2The Treehouse

Images by Sarah Hebenstreit. Photo styling by Rosy Strazerri-Fridman