DIY yarn ball bookmark

Has the weather turned cold where you live? In my neighborhood, temperatures have dropped and my instincts are to spend the day cozied up with a favorite book and favorite mug full of hot cocoa. Are you the same? I’m sure you have many fellow book worms in your neighborhood, so I thought it would be fun to create a charming little yarn ball bookmark that would make a great anytime gift for anyone that needs a little fall comfort.

DIY easy pom pom yarn ball bookmark
DIY yarn ball bookmark

It was actually my daughter’s clever idea to make a yarn ball bookmark. This is the perfect anytime gift because it’s affordable, easy to make, and turns out a fluffy pom pom of cuteness. It’s sure to improve the look of any book!

yarn and scissors


That’s it! You do want your scissors to be sharp, or the last step will be difficult. And you do not need any special tools for this pom pom ball – just your fingers!

*Before you start, cut an 8-10 inch piece of yarn and a 15 inch piece of yarn and set it aside. You will need these lengths in later steps.

DIY yarn ball bookmark tutorial

To start, hold the end of the yarn in your hand, and begin wrapping the yarn around your fingers – snug but not too tight. We recommend wrapping the yarn 90 times.

DIY pom pom bookmark

Cut the yarn after 90 wraps, and carefully slide it off your fingers. Lay it down over the 8-10 inch piece of yarn. Tightly tie a knot around the middle of the 90 loops.

DIY pom pom yarn ball bookmark

To add the yarn ball bookmark ‘tail’, use the 15-inch piece of yarn, tie it around the same string you used to tie the 90 loops together, as seen in the pictures above.

DIY pom pom yarn ball bookmark

At this point, your yarn ball bookmark should look like the picture above.

DIY pom pom bookmark

Next, holding the ball on it’s side, slide your scissors through the yarn loops and start cutting. Instant fluffy yarn!

DIY pom pom yarn ball bookmark - ready for a haircut

This is what your pom pom will look like — it will start to resemble a ball, but is in dire need of a haircut!

DIY pom pom bookmark

Start snipping! {WARNING: be careful NOT to cut off the bookmark tail! Hold it out of the way while you snip.} With this step, you need to cut the yarn pom pom into the shape of a ball. Continue to turn and snip the yarn, looking at the ball from different angles while doing so. Keep rounding it off until you are pleased with the shape. This step does take practice, and you will improve with each ball you make.

DIY pom pom bookmark

Voila! Your pom pom ball will appear! And your yarn ball bookmark is officially done!

DIY pom pom bookmark
DIY pom pom bookmark

These bookmarks are sure to put a smile on any bookworm’s face, and the best part of this project is that kids can make them all by themselves!


– A gift for a teacher — just add a favorite book!
– A little gift for guests at your next book club gathering.
– A craft activity at a book-themed birthday party.

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Credits: Created by Jane from See Jane Blog for Design Mom.