Our upcoming trip to the U.S. involves several long road trips, and chances are, you have some car time ahead of you this summer as well. So I asked Jordan of Polkadot Prints to come up with an awesome gift for a car trip. Don’t miss the free printable she created! Enjoy. And bon voyage! — kisses, Gabrielle

We’ve been doing a fair bit of driving since we moved out to the lake. Visiting family, weekends in the city, even groceries involve quite a bit of driving for us. So, to keep things interesting and little people occupied, I created these snack bags for a recent trip.

Each treat box spaced out the goodies for our journey. For instance, Levi could have a bag of goodies once we “saw a deer”, “had been driving an hour”, “had a nap”, “saw 15 red cars,” etc.

With school out, I thought they might be just what you need for your summer road trips. Cute gifts to give your kids, or to give to favorite friends before their family vacation!


Downloaded file
– Scissors
– Craft Knife
– Bone folder
– Hole Punch
– Tape & String
– Cellophane bags
– Snacks or activities of your choice. You could try colored pencils or crayons, matchbox cars or other little toys, sweets or pretzels, a deck of go fish cards, etc.

1. Print out the free printable. It has 3 pages and lots of tags! Print as many of the boxes as you’d like. Cut and fold according to the instructions provided.

2. Fill your bags with snacks, activities, small toys & games.
3. Seal with tape, and thread through the hole in the box.
4. Close the box at the bottom. Use tape if needed.
5. Tie tag with string, and attach to the bag.

If you’re running short on time, you can just use the tags on plain clear bags.

There are  a few tags that would be ideal for your older kids too, and one just for you mommy, when things are getting a little rowdy in the back seat!

Wishing you safe & happy travels!



– A child with a stay at the hospital, or who’s feeling trapped inside on sick day
– For a long flight (see Jordan’s adorable Travel Passenger Gifts here)