Created by Jane from See Jane Blog. Edited by Amy Christie.

The holiday madness is upon us. Are you ready? This year I decorated the house with a mix of textures: sparkle and shine along with cozy and natural. For the cozy and natural, I whipped up a pom pom garland using the same pom poms in these adorable bookmarks.

While browsing the yarn section at the craft store I fell in love with this tan/grey/earthy mix. It just screamed ‘use me!’ and I couldn’t resist. This has been the perfect compliment to the other items I’m using to decorate. So, if you have a fireplace (or wish you did!), choose some yarn, get cozy by the fire, and enjoy this simple craft.

Let’s begin.

You will need:


Let’s make the pom poms first, eight of them. Start by holding the end of the yarn in your hand. For this size of yarn ball, wrap the yarn around all four fingers.  I suggest you wrap the yarn at least 90 times though you could do as many as 120 wraps or more for this larger pom pom size.

Slide the yarn off your fingers, and place it over a strip of yarn cut 8 inches long.

Tie the string of yarn around the mound, and into a knot.

Next, slide the scissors through the yarn, and snip all the loops of yarn, all the way around and ta-da! A messy yarn ball. It needs a haircut, so start snipping the ball into a nice round shape.

After the haircut, your yarn balls should look like this.

Next, to create the garland, measure 94″ length of yarn. From the beginning of the yarn,  measure 12″ and leave this for the end.

It’s at this spot where you also tie on your first yarn ball. Simply tie the yarn around the yarn ball in this spot, and into a knot.

After the first yarn ball, measure and tie–on another yarn ball every ten inches. Repeat until all eight yarn balls have been tied on. There should be 12 inches for a tail at the end.

Then hang and enjoy! Have a cozy holiday season, friends!

P.S. — This garland would be adorable in bright colors too.