By Amy Christie.

Candlelight is so inviting and comforting, especially on the chilly dark days of fall. What if you could include a little message with the candlelight?

This is such a fun project! Using basic plaster and simple materials, you can create the perfect gift for a someone you love. Give a romantic message to your sweetheart, or a collection of supportive notes for your best friend.


-plaster mix – I use Plaster of Paris
-plastic mold – plastic deli containers are perfect
-circular spacer, slightly wider in diameter than your votive
-aluminum foil – wrap around spacer to make it easier to remove
-sand paper
-damp cloth
-quote(s), printed in reverse*

**Choose the quote and print it in reverse. An ink jet print proved to be the successful version, as the laser ink print did not transfer.

Mix the plaster, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pour into the plastic mold.

Immediately tap to remove the air bubbles. Quickly, press the circular spacer into the wet plaster, deep enough so the votive can fit inside. Not too deep however or you will create a hole.

Allow the plaster to set.

When the plaster has hardened just enough, remove the spacer and remove the votive from the mold.

Use sand paper and a damp cloth to smooth the edges.

When the sanding and smoothing is complete, it’s time to move on to the transferring.

Collect the quote. Cut down the paper around the printed text.

Place the printed quote, print side down on the damp plaster and burnish with the damp cloth. You will know you are creating a good transfer when the print is clearly visible through the backside of the paper. This will ensure the ink is transferring to the plaster. You can check on your progress by gently peeling back the paper to peek while keeping it in place.

When the text is completely transferred, it’s time to dry.

Place the votives on a stack of paper. Make sure the one touching the votives has no print or the ink could transfer as well. Then place another stack of paper on top of the votives, again making sure a print-free piece is first. Place something with a little weight on top. I used some votive fails to stack on mine.

Allow to completely dry, rotating out the damp paper for new dry paper every 8 hours or so.

When they are completely dry, drop in a votive, turn off the lights and enjoy the candlelight.


– Super sweet parting gifts for guests at a wedding or shower.
– Replace the quotes with “Ho Ho Ho” or “Winter Wonderland” and give these as neighbor gifts during the holidays.
– Use literary quotes and give these out at your next bookclub.

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