Hello, Friends! I’m delighted to introduce a new column today. It’s called The Perfect Gift! The column will feature great ideas for gifts you can make for every occasion. We’ll start with Father’s Day, and cover things like housewarming gifts, graduation gifts, holiday gifts, hostess gifts, coach gifts, etc. — and even include ideas for wrapping up the gift!

Why gifts? Great question! Turns out the number one topic I receive questions about is gift ideas. What should I buy for my mother in law? What’s appropriate for an end of year teacher gift? That sort of thing. And I love coming up with great answers! So I hope this new column will be helpful, useful and inspiring.

For the debut post, I asked Miranda of One Little Minute to come up with something perfect for Father’s Day. I love her idea! Take a look. — kisses, Gabrielle

Nothing feels more like summer to me than roasting marshmallows around a fire pit, then using those perfectly toasted mallows to create gooey s’mores. I spotted these simple wooden-handled roasting forks, and thought they would be wonderful items to personalize for each member of the family. Tied up in a simple paper bag with some s’more fixings, they make the perfect gift for Dad. Include a reservation for a night at Dad’s favorite campground and it turns into the best gift ever!

To make your own you will need:
– wooden handled roasting sticks (I found mine in the camping section at Wal-Mart)
– a scrap of denim
– a permanent fabric pen
– pinking shears or scissors
– a 1/4″ eyelet set and hammer (found at any craft store)
– one small picture hanging screw eye for each roaster (found at grocery, craft, or hardwares stores)
– twine

1. Write the names of each of your family members onto the denim with a permanent fabric marker. Practice until you are satisfied with the handwriting.

2. Choose your favorites and cut out around them with pinking shears or scissors (with pinking shears you’ll get a little less fraying) leaving a little extra fabric on the left side of the name for the grommet.

3. Use the fine point of scissors to make a small hole where you want the eyelet.

4. Slide the grommet through the hole, with the rounded side face-up

5. Follow the instructions on the eyelet package, and place the rounded end face down onto the tiny anvil.

6. Place the eyelet tool on top of the eyelet and hit with the hammer, setting the eyelet in place.

7. Using your fingers, screw one screw eye into the center bottom of each of the roasting sticks. If the wood is too hard, use a pair of pliers to help.

8. Cut a 5″ length of twine for each of your name tags.

9. Thread the twine through the name tag and screw eye

10. Tie into a knot.

11. To make a pretty gift,  put a bunch of of marshmallows into a cellophane bag, re-wrap a few chocolate bars in plastic wrap, and use one pre-packaged stack of graham crackers.

12. Line the treats up in the bottom of a kraft lunch bag, with the chocolate and graham on either side of the marshmallows to balance the weight. Stick the roasting forks between the crackers and the marshmallows, and tie the bag with twine. You’re done!

This is such a fun way to make your campfire a little more special. I wish you all a wonderful and s’more-filled summer!


– A family reunion
– A trip to the beach with friends
– Favors at an outdoor wedding or birthday party