When we settled into our hotel last night, I checked my email and found this message from my daughter Maude:

So, I heard the lawn mower stop, and I went outside to see what was up. The cows were mooing louder than usual.

I crossed the street, and I saw Mme Lucienne and her husband and the lawn mower guy.

The husband had plastic on his arms, and a cow was tied to the corner of a fence. The gate was wide open. Mme Lucienne was putting fresh hay out.

The cow was in lots of pain, I could tell. The man reached into her bottom, and pulled out some hooves. A small gold head poked out. The man was covered in blood. He untied the cow.

I saw the mom lick her baby clean. It started to rain, but only a little. Mme Lucienne and her husband went inside, and the lawn mower went back to work.

About 10 minuets later, I saw the baby try to stand up. All the other cows rushed forward. The baby fell.

A rainbow appeared in the sky. The baby stood and went under the mama.

Mme Lucienne came back out, all clean, and asked us what the baby girls name should be. Betty suggested Clara, and Mme Lucienne agreed.

The baby cow took her first steps, and ate some hay. Mme Lucienne went back inside. Betty and I went in too.


I think that might be the best email I’ve ever received! I’m so glad my kids got to see a calf being birthed (and named it too!). That’s the sort of experience that stays with you. Don’t you wish you could be everywhere at once sometimes?