In this batch of updates you’ll find:

-More treasures we found in the house! I’m especially excited about the book/scrapbook(?) about WWI. I’m also trying to figure out what to do with all that old tile.

-The kids bathroom floor tile is installed. Holy cow it looks so good. It’s now ready for grout (and I share which grout color we picked). This is my first ever custom tile design and I LOVE it so much. The parents bathroom will have the same design, but a different colorway (green for the kids, blue for the parents).

-In the parents bathroom, we moved the doorway to create a suite, and the old doorway was filled in.

-The back door was painted and looks amazing. The color is Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball.

-The third (of three) bathtubs was delivered and the plumbing team set up the robinetterie (faucet) to check for size. Feels like progress!

-And lots more good stuff. I put one batch up above, and one batch here:

One thing that’s not in the stories: We can’t find the schrapnel pieces from the attic floor and I’m super bummed. We had them in a tray in the living room, but when we cleaned out the living room, they were no longer there. Ben Blair and I even went through all the trash bags from our clean out to make sure they didn’t get accidentally thrown away (though I’m confident I wouldn’t have done that). The only thing I can think of is that maybe I brought them home already and now I can’t remember where I put them? I sure hope they turn up. If not, I’m glad we have photos.

I hope you enjoy the updates. And let me know if you have ideas on how we should some of the treasures we’ve found.