I woke up thinking about the two main bathrooms at the Tall House. Is it possible that they’ll be installed by the end of September? Or is the end of October more realistic? We’ll see.

The choices for the bathroom fixtures and finishings have mostly been made, but there are a couple of decisions still to go.

For the kids bathroom we started with the tile palette in warm greys + green. Then we chose gold + brass for the metals. I was really pleased with the glam green vanity we found — it should arrive next week and I’m very curious to see it in person.

This mood board above will give you a sense of what we’re going for, though not every product represented is exactly what we’re using — sometimes it’s hard to find product images that are collage-ready, so I use placeholders with a similar look or feel.

The footed bathtub and traditional toilet have been chosen. The faucets for the shower, bathtub and two sinks have been chosen. (We’re using a French manufacturer called Herbeau for the fixtures and faucets — they are a 5 generation family-owned company and I’m so happy we found them!) The tile and paint have been chosen. The outlets and switches have been chosen. The vanity has been chosen.

What do I still need to choose? The mirror, the vanity lights (which will depend on the mirror), and the ceiling light. And I should really make those decisions this week(!) so that all the products arrive in plenty of time.

I’m a little stuck on the mirror. I like the idea of finding something at a brocante — a big gilded frame that we can have a mirror cut for. Or maybe a frame that we gold-leaf ourselves. Or maybe we’ll find a gold-framed mirror for sale (new or used) that’s perfect as is. I’m using a fancy gold frame on the mood board, but when I replace it with something more simple and modern, I still like the look — so I’m actually feeling pretty flexible on mirror-style.

The kids prefer one big mirror to two separate mirrors over each sink, so mostly I’m just trying to find something big enough. And once I know the mirror size and shape, I should be able to narrow down the light fixtures that will go on each side.

I’m am so pleased with how the kids bathroom is coming together. I love the layout, the fixtures, the color palette. I love it all. I’ll be glad when I figure out the mirror, but overall, I’m super happy with the choices and can’t wait to see it installed and styled.

For the Parents Bathroom, we have a very similar materials, but a different color palette. We started with the wall and floor tiles — in warm greys + blue. Then we chose a silver-colored finish for the metal (polished chrome or nickel).

The tile, bathtub, toilet, faucets, switches, outlets, and lighting have all been chosen/ordered. The main thing I’m still trying to figure out is the vanity. I’m feeling stuck. Here’s the mood board with a place holder vanity.

Vanity shopping for the parents bedroom has turned out to be trickier than I expected. We want a 60-inch vanity, but we prefer one sink. This combo is limiting, because most available 60-inch vanities have two sinks. (We looked into custom-built options but I don’t love my choices and they get really expensive, really fast. Though they aren’t totally off the table. I may order a base and have a custom countertop cut.)

Beyond the one-sink situation, we still haven’t figured out the look that we like best. Do we like a dark blue? Black? A stained wood? Maybe a painted grey? Something else? I’ve tried a bunch of different options in the mood board collage and nothing has stood out to me as the best choice. So I’m still thinking. But I need to think fast so I can place an order!

Anyway, it’s really exciting to have most of the decisions made and see the products start arriving. Most of our tradespeople took an August break, but they’ll start up again next week and I’m just really looking forward to seeing these rooms get put together. When designing, I wanted the bathrooms to fit the style of the house and to feel really French, and I love where they are headed.

Do you have a strong opinion about the mirror for the kids bathroom? Or the vanity for the parents bathroom? Feel free to share.

P.S. — If you want to offer feedback, please remember most everything is already settled/purchased, so suggesting a new color palette or completely different look or style isn’t doable. : )