Sydney Travel Advice featured by top blogger, Design Mom

Hello, Friends. I need some advice, some Sydney travel advice specifically. I’m headed to Sydney on Monday. I was invited to speak at the Feminist Writer’s Festival and to present my Twitter thread on Irresponsible Ejaculation.

This is my first trip to Australia and I’m crazy excited about it. Though also somewhat overwhelmed. This is what’s on my mind:

– October is a particularly over-scheduled month and I haven’t had time to do the kind of travel research I would like to do. In fact, I’m writing this from a flight on the way to Palm Springs for a few days of on-site planning meetings for Alt Summit. The October calendar is just so jam-packed, you know?

– We still haven’t decided who is going with me to Australia. I’d like to make it a couples getaway for Ben Blair and me — we haven’t had a trip together in ages! — but we’re not sure we can make it happen. If not Ben, both Ralph and Olive are vying for a spot. (Or maybe it should be both of them so they can entertain each other when I need to work? Or maybe it’s best if I go solo?).

– I haven’t crossed the International Date Line since I went to Japan when I was 13. I fly out Monday night, and 13 hours later, arrive in Sydney on Wednesday morning — essentially skipping Tuesday altogether. For the return, I fly out of Sydney on Monday the 7th in the late afternoon, and then arrive in San Francisco on the same Monday but much earlier in the day than when I left. So cool! It’s been fun to talk about with the kids and discuss our concepts of time and calendars.

– I’ll be traveling on Halloween. I don’t think I’ve ever missed it before. But I don’t really mind, because this Saturday we have the school fall festival, and the church trunk-or-treat — where the kids will be in full costume — and I’ll be there for all of that. Plus I know from experience when Halloween happens on a school night, it tends to be more low-key.

– I’m truly looking forward to presenting my Twitter thread. I’ve been interviewed about it a few times, but this will be the first time I’ll be reading it aloud. I’m working on slides to accompany my words. I hope my presentation will be well-received. I would love for this to be my first attempt at adapting it as a TED talk. I’ve also been contacted by two journalists in Sydney for an interview and an essay leading up to the conference. I submitted both last night and will share links when they go live.

It feels like a big trip, and I want to make the most of my week there. Who knows if or when I’ll make the trip again?! Apart from speaking at the conference, my schedule is pretty much wide open. If you’ve been to Sydney and want to share travel tips and ideas, I would be endlessly grateful. What are your favorite things to see and do there? How about don’t-miss shopping? Particular restaurants or dishes I need to try? Are there things outside the city I should try to get to? Favorite souvenirs?

I’d LOVE your Sydney travel advice and suggestions, so leave them in a comment below!

P.S. — My hotel is near UT Sydney — based not the map I think it’s called the Ultimo neighborhood. It seems like it’s going to be a good spot!