By Gabrielle.

We’ve kept a fire in the fireplace almost daily since the temperature dropped. We ordered wood in late October and our stash is over half gone! 11-year-old Olive has become our fire-building expert and she takes pride in getting a really good blaze going.

I was thinking about the wood, and remembered these photos I shot in Switzerland. I feel like they’re a wonderful reflection of how ordered and precise the whole country seems to be. The wood stacks are carefully covered and protected — and every piece is the same length!

As we hiked, we stopped at a mountain home to buy cheese. They invited us in and my jaw dropped when I saw their wall of uniformly cut kindling. I loved the look of the wood stacks and snapped way too many photos — I swear I couldn’t help myself!

Since we’ve been married, this is actually the first house we’ve lived in that has a real, working fireplace. How about you? Fireplace? Gas logs? Wood-burning stove? Or none-of-the-above?