Red Swedish Hasbeens

By Koseli. Image via Magnifeco

I ebb and flow in my personal interest in, well, what I wear, and fashion in general. Some days, I think I could wear boyfriend jeans and a comfy tee shirt every day; other days I’m dying to pull pieces together in unique ways. It gives me a tiny thrill to harmonize seemingly conflicting prints and patterns and emphasize (and soften) in all the perfect spots in all the perfect colors. It’s a dance — but sometimes I’d prefer to be a wallflower in my trusty favorite jeans and so-so shirt. 
But, shoes. I always love shoes. Oh, how I love shoes! When I saw these beautiful Peep Toe Swedish Hasbeens in cheery cherry red, I literally gasped out loud. They’re my perfect shoe. However impractical for a pregnant Brooklyn mom pushing a stroller and chasing a toddler all day, these are my dream shoes. 
Mind if we share in some extra-girly shoe talk? What pair have you eyed and admired? What’s your signature style? Any favorite Pinterest boards all about your favorite shoes? (Guilty.) I wish I wore beautiful shoes every day, but I honestly slip on comfortable Target sandals or Converse sneakers most of the time. Are you the same way?
P.S. — According to this, French women buy at least six pairs of shoes a year.