I own a gorgeous bike. It’s a pretty aqua blue, with a charming basket and leather details. It’s high quality — very well made by Public Bikes, which is a local Bay Area company. And I live in place that has ideal bike riding weather practically the whole year round.

But I almost never ride my bike.

And I know why. It’s because I live at the bottom of a longish hill. Just to get the bike out of our driveway and on to the street feels like an uphill battle (because it is!). My kids rarely ride their bikes for the same reason. It’s so much work to just get to a place where we can comfortably start riding, and so we rarely do. In fact, our youngest, Flora June, hasn’t learned to ride a bike yet. A fact that I can hardly believe.

We love our house and wouldn’t trade it, but when I see our bikes in the shed getting dusty, it’s a reminder to me that where you live really does affect your life in ways big and small. Ways that you might not have thought of or considered before you moved in. Know what I mean? We can lose interest or gain interest in something based simply on our house and its location.

Can you relate? Have you or your kids ever picked up a hobby, or maybe a lifetime passion, because you happen to live near an ice rink, or a zoo, or a great fabric store, or a skate ramp? Maybe someone you know went into city planning because their house was so hard to access with public transit. Or maybe your sister became a bird watcher, and ended up traveling the world to spot different birds, because their was a nest of bluebirds nearby when you grew up.

Have you seen any changes to habits or interests based on the geographic location of your home? I imagine it’s easier to notice if you’d moved a few times! I’d love to hear to your stories.

P.S. — Despite our lack of bike riding these days, I can’t help but notice bikes and bike accessory options have really improved style-wise lately. So many really beautiful items! Here are a few that have caught my eye.

  1. Brooks England Foldable Helmet. Coolest innovation! This helmet can compact and has incredible safety standards.
  2. Pure City Dutch Style City Bicycle. In so many colors!
  3. Crane Copper Suzu Lever Strike Bicycle Bell. This Japanese Company is always lovely.
  4. Brooks England Swift Bicycle Saddle Black. So classic. This seat will be with you your whole lifetime.
  5. Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Classic Lightship Basket. This is one of the oldest basket companies and makes loads of shapes and sizes.
  6. Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle. Simple commuter bike.
  7. 4-Feet Bike Lock Cable. Secure lock to keep your lovelies secure.
  8. Sparrow Bottle Cage. To stay beautifully hydrated.
  9.  Odyssey Pedals Mx Twisted, Donuts! Great company that has many fun designs.
  10. Bern Unlimited Lenox EPS Women’s Summer Helmet. Bern is always amazing!
  11. Handle Bar Bike Vase. Picture yourself walking by a park a plucking a pretty leaf or wildflower to fill this vase.
  12. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike. Also available in so many colors!
  13. Pure City Kids Balance Bike. Best way to teach kids to ride a bike, they will never need training wheels!
  14. Raskullz Color Cat Helmet. If your kids fight wearing a helmet, this might make your safety job easier.

Seen any cool bike stuff lately? Share your favorites!