Stamped Place Cards for Your Holiday Table | Design Mom

By Gabrielle. Photos by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

Do you use place cards at your formal meals? We rarely have. But I feel like we should use them more often, because they can really make set table feel extra-special. As a guest, seeing a card with my name on it, made for me, in a spot set for me, is delightful. Proof someone thought of me! : ) I loved seeing a place set with my name as a child, and it’s pretty darn wonderful as an adult too.

Stamped Place Cards | Design Mom

This particular place card idea really caught my attention, because I love the mixture of materials — clay and twine with a touch of metallic. And I could imagine my kids working on these and having a wonderful time.

stamped-place-cards 9stamped-place-cards 6

So Amy Christie whipped up some samples and we’ve got an easy tutorial for you today. Here’s what Amy says:

On Thanksgiving when I was young, my mom would bring along a project for all the cousins to do while we weren’t eating. Painting salt-dough turkeys, and making a large banner about thankfulness, are the two I remember most. It gave us something to do, inspired by the holiday, and it came in handy when the weather was inclement.

Stamped Place Cards for Your Holiday Table | Design Mom

If you are looking for an easy and simple and fairly clean project for the little ones celebrating with you, these stamped clay place cards are a great choice. And if you have any budding spellers, this is extra fun! Bonus: if you worry about misspelling names, these place cards are easily fixed. Instead of throwing out the whole thing, just toss the erring letter (or two) and add in the corrections.

I also love this project because I’ve always been a fan of place cards. Over the years, we’ve made several versions for our tablescapes, holiday and otherwise. Even in their simplicity, I liked them enough to keep a small stack of the ones with my name in my childhood desk drawer.

stamped-place-cards 10

Want to try these? Let’s get started.

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom


– air-dry clay
– rolling pin or brayer
– circle cutter
– letter stamps
– stamp pad
– damp cloth
– twine, string, narrow ribbon

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom

Roll out the air-dry clay and punch out circles with a cutter, one for each letter of each name.

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom

Ink the letter stamps and press the stamps into the clay circles. If the stamping is messy, use a damp cloth to wipe away the excess. The extra ink wipes off the damp clay.

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom

With a little more air-dry clay, make small, flat balls, enough for each letter of the name. Between the small balls and the stamped circles, sandwich a length of twine or string. Gently pressing them together will flatten the small balls and combine them together. If the clay is drying out, use the damp cloth to moisten the two surfaces and then stick them together.

If you would rather, allow the circles to completely dry and then use a hot glue gun to adhere the circles to the twine.

stamped-place-cards 14

Allow to dry. Use as place cards for a holiday meal (or a random Tuesday dinner, because Tuesdays need all the help they can get.)

stamped-place-cards 8stamped-place-cards 12


Thank you, Amy! These turned out so cute. I think they’d be fun for guests to take home  — a little keepsake to remember the meal and company. And I like that I can switch up the font with different stamps. Very cool!

Credits: Images, styling & text by Amy Christie.