By Gabrielle. Dapper gentlemen via The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25, Edition III.

Have you ever traveled someplace new and marveled at the way the locals dress? Me too. I always study women’s style for my own inspiration, but I also take note of what the men are wearing. That way, I can alert Ben Blair that cropped suit pants and no socks are quite the thing!

When we lived in New York, men took fashion risks. It was completely normal not to double-take when seeing a guy wearing a skirt or brightly colored garb. Slowly but surely, fashion stopped mattering the bigger and bolder it got! Funny, right? In Colorado, men’s fashion was a little more earthy and functional. And in Europe, it seems like men are born wearing a scarf and layers that work in any climate and any setting. I’m totally looking forward to seeing what style secrets Oakland will share with my men! (So is Ralph!)

What are the men wearing in your neck of the woods? More importantly, what do you wish they would wear?!

P.S. — Oscar is developing some strong opinions about style. He had his hair cut on Tuesday morning, and independently of me and Ben, asked the stylist for a faux-hawk. Hearing him request it in French was pretty much the cutest thing ever.