Friends. I’d love your thoughts on self portraits — or “selfies” when the word portrait implies more thought and intention. : )

The other day, I wondered if I was taking enough of them. Then immediately was embarrassed for thinking such a thought! I’ve been instagramming in earnest for a year now. As I write this, there are 520+ images in my instagram stream, and with a quick count, of those 520+ photos, there are only one dozen that show my face. (Two of the dozen are pictured here.)

Am I not showing up in my own life? Will my kids have pictures of me with them? Or just photos of me posing in my Alt Summit outfits? Does it matter?

Then my thoughts travel here: why are some people so comfortable with selfies while others avoid them? I’m thinking of people like writer and creator Amy Turn Sharp who does a great job of showing up in her own life. Or Stephanie Nielson. I’ve been reading her blog since before I started blogging, and she has a long history of being comfortable snapping photos of herself.

I’m confident. I like the way I look. I love my body. But I was so hesitant to hit publish on this post. What’s the story?

And related: how many selfies is too many? If we came up with a concrete goal to instagram ourselves once per week for a year, is that an interesting record, or do we leave our instagram followers gagging at the over exposure?

What’s your take on self portraits? Do you take them often? Do you take them at all? Like me, are you aware of how often you’re taking (or not taking) them? Would love your thoughts!