By Amy Christie.

Advent calendars are such excitement builders and I’m a big fan. It’s that little something extra to look forward to on each day of this festive season.

Now that I have little ones, I like seeing the twinkle in their eyes as they open the day’s tiny package, and it’s wonderful to take an advent-time-out together. They enjoy the treats and small gifts while I read from an advent book. I’m planning to add in Christmas verses this year as well.

Easy Advent Calendar DIY. Reusable! No sew!
Easy Advent Calendar DIY. Reusable! No sew!
Easy Advent Calendar DIY. Reusable! No sew!

December doesn’t begin for another two days, so don’t fret. You still have time! And with this very simple no-sew-yet-reuseable advent calendar, you’ll put yours together in a snap.


-circle stencil or bowl
-pinking shears
-baker’s twine
1-25 numbers ready to print
-fusible web for fabric, like this
-ornament hooks
-treats, sweets, little gifts, Christmas verses, activities to do as a family

Lay out the fabric, trace enough circles for all of the days and cut them out with the pinking sheers.

Next, cut a piece of fabric to the size of a piece of printer paper. Iron this piece of fabric to a piece of fusible web of the same size. The fusible web will make the fabric stiffer and more paper like which allow it to pass through a printer.

Print the number document on the piece of fabric/fusible web.

Cut out the numbers, peel off the paper backing of the fusible web and iron it in place based on the time recommended by the manufacturer.

When the number badges are securely attached, fill the pouches with goodies or small gifts.

Tie them up. Then display them in a basket, on a shelf or window sill. Or, using an ornament hook, hang the goodie pouches from fallen branches. Then let the fun begin!

Happy Advent!

P.S. — Gabrielle likes to include holiday activities in her advent calendar — like taking a drive to see Christmas lights, reading a particular book, or going to the Nutcracker. What do you put in your advent calendar?