Feel’s like a good day for a Random Thoughts post! I try to post one of these once a month, and  it’s basically a compilation of whatever is on my mind at the moment. Feel free to share your own random thoughts in the comments.

– Saturday’s school auction was terrific! Tons of support from the school community and lots of really good prizes. We won three items: 1) 8 movie tickets. 2) A gorgeous skateboard made by a 9 year old at our school. 3) Members of the Dad’s Club will come to our house to work for 3 hours.

Aren’t those fantastic prizes? Other fun ones we either bid on or thought about: Principal for a Day, Warrior’s Tickets, $1200 worth of Plumbing from a father at our school (to be used on one big project), Last year, our favorite win was Pie for A Year. Each month, we would get a seasonal homemade pie. It was heavenly! It wasn’t offered again this year or you know we would have been all over it. : )

A little more on the skateboard, you can check them out at RogueMade510 on Instagram. Truly so impressive! I can hardly believe it was really made by a 4th grader! The board we won (pictured here) is stunning. Such a treasure. On each board, he includes a tag that tell you what types of woods he used to make it, and then he signs it in his little 9-year-old scrawl. The best!

– I’m curious. Tell me about your wake up routine. What time do you get up? Do you use an alarm? Do you press the snooze button? Wake up with the sun? If you’re getting older, do you find you crave sleep less?

As for me, I don’t set an alarm unless I’m sleeping on my own. I rely on Ben Blair to set the alarm — he uses the alarm on his phone. The alarm is set for 6:00, but I usually sleep in till 6:20/6:30. I detest getting up that early. I am not a morning person. But, the good news is, it’s definitely been easier to get up early over the last year. I’m assuming it’s age related, and I’ll take it!

– Books on my mind right this minute: I just ordered Nail It Then Scale It. There’s a new Alt Summit project I want to work on, and I want to get it right from the beginning. I’ve heard this book offers the best guidance on the topic, so I’m excited to read it and get going.

Another one is The Locust Effect, which I mentioned in last week’s Facebook Live Broadcast. This has almost become Ben’s Bible as far as social justice and social causes are concerned, and we discuss it a lot. So I really need to read it!

A third one I’m thinking of is There Is No Good Card for This. It’s recently out and it was sent to me by Emily McDowell, who did the illustrations. (Do you remember Emily’s series of books quotes here on Design Mom?) This book is so helpful. If you feel like you never have the right words to say when something awful happens to a friend or loved one, this book can be your guide.

– It’s been super rainy in California, which is mostly really great news because our water supplies have been hit so hard by the drought. (That said, we’re all watching the Oroville Dam with trepidation. 188,000 people evacuated, and more rain coming this week.)

We had a few non-rainy days over the weekend and we took the opportunity to do some yard work. We don’t have a real fall season here in Oakland, and we end up with dropping leaves year round, but especially in January and February. It felt so good to do rake and pile up and bag leaves! We also worked on windows (we have a lot of windows, so this is an ongoing job), and de-cobwebbed the exterior (also an ongoing job).

I love working in the yard. I get so much satisfaction out of it. Maybe because I do it in such small doses? Every time I have a good yard day, I think: I’m going to make this a daily habit! One hour a day, all week long! But alas, that never actually happens. I can easily picture myself gardening a lot in retirement.

– I re-watched the Twilight Saga movies over the last week. The first one is on Netflix, and then I rented the rest from Amazon. I know the Twilight books (and movies) always get a lot of hate, but I confess, I enjoy them. The story is solid. And I think the movies are well-cast and well-acted. I’ve always wanted to hear Stephenie Meyer, the author, speak. I wonder if she would come to Alt Summit?

Do you have strong Twilight opinions? Love it? Hate it? Feel meh about it?

– How are you feeling about Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Ben Blair and I are very low-key about it, so I think of it as mostly a holiday for the kids. Today, after school, I’ll help the kids prep their classroom valentines. I’m trying to encourage June to send these donut ones. So easy! We like to have a little Valentine Breakfast for the kids as well. I think this is the first valentine’s day without our 2 oldest kids. So strange! Need more Valentine ideas? Here you go.

I think that’s it for now. Please feel free to respond to anything here, or bring up your own topic. I always love hearing what’s on your minds!

P.S. — I post my random thoughts each month. You can find them all here.