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I think we’re overdue for a Random Thoughts post! Here’s what’s on my mind right about now.

– I arrived from the Hawaii birthday trip with Betty after midnight last night. Ben Blair stayed up late so he could pick us up. It was a terrific trip. Gosh I loved it. And I’m excited to share the highlights in an upcoming blog post. If you’d like a sneak peek, you can check out my story highlights on Instagram.

When we first bought plane tickets for Hawaii, I was picturing a really relaxing trip, hanging out poolside/beachside with a book and a fancy drink served in a coconut. And I’m sure that’s an option. But it turns out our particular trip was super active and fairly physically demanding.

As my head hit the pillow last night, I realized I was completely exhausted. I woke up to help the kids get ready for school, and then fell asleep again immediately. It’s one of those situations where you need some time to recover from the vacation. : )

Betty and I picked out some fun souvenirs for the family, and we’re excited to open them up when everyone’s back from school today.

– Though I took a bunch of photos and tried to update my Instagram stories, I wasn’t really consuming news, internet updates, or social media while we were gone. I don’t think I checked Twitter or Facebook the whole trip, and I didn’t really consume Instagram either — I would just quickly post when I had a minute. 

Typically I really appreciate an internet break, and I’m mostly glad for this break, but it was interesting to start catching up on today on updates. I’m feeling so behind. Our news cycle moves so fast! I think I’m feeling extra behind because I was at a conference and then basically went straight to Hawaii, so I’ve been out of the loop for 8 days. That is like a year in current news-cycle-time. Hah!

– As I’m sure you know, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Which means: I get to videochat with our oldest child, Ralph! He is on a mission in Colombia. We only get to videochat on Mother’s Day and Christmas, so this will be the last chance to do so until he gets home. His return date is August 30th. It sounds like our chat will actually be on Saturday instead of Sunday, because it works better for his schedule.

Speaking of Ralph, his weekly emails from Colombia are always fantastic — full of cultural observations and funny stories and tidbits about what he’s learning. His mission will be getting a new mission president in July. Mission presidents are assigned for 3 years, and the current president’s 3 years are finishing up. I thinking it will feel strange for Ralph to have a new leader be the one to send him home in August. But I’m glad he’ll get to see the transition from one president to the next.

– Maude, who is at Berkeley, has finals this week. And she has to be out of the dorms this weekend! So moving-Maude-home is next on my to-do list. I can hardly fathom that her freshman year is over. Holy cow, that seemed really fast to me as a parent. But when I think of my own freshman year, it didn’t seem fast at all. I’m having to remind myself that time works differently at different ages.

– Speaking of college, I need to write a full post on the latest happenings with Ben’s startup, Teachur.co — which offers a college degree for $1000. It’s so exciting to see students enroll from all over the world. These are students who aren’t able to come to the U.S. to study (for a variety of reasons — costs, student visas, responsibilities at home, etc.), but who are intent on furthering their education and know how valuable a U.S. university degree is. I’m thinking I’ll do a Q&A with Ben so you can get up to speed on the latest updates.

– A few weeks ago, I posted a couple of job opportunities here at Design Mom. I’m still setting up interviews and figuring out who to hire. Hiring is it’s own skill, you know? Everything takes longer than I think it will.

– While we’re on the topic of Design Mom, at your request, I’m making good progress on a podcast. My goal is to launch it by July, to celebrate the 12th birthday of this blog. I’ll be honest, I’m having the hardest time deciding on a format and what sort of focus the podcast should have. I would LOVE any feedback. What do you want to hear from me? Would you prefer guests? A co-host? Do you love podcasts that are really tight and produced? Or do you like them to feel a little looser and more casual? What’s your take on length and frequency? Is twenty minutes too long? Or too short? Is once a week about right?

– Remember La Cressonniere? The house we rented when we lived in France? We just heard from the owners that it’s become available again. It sounds so tempting to move back for 6 months or a year (or longer) and work on our little French cottage. As I’ve mentioned before, we finally realized we just aren’t going to work on it unless we move back for awhile — it’s very much out of sight, out of mind.

– I started watching season two of The Handmaid’s Tale, but I have to watch it pretty slowly — like I can only handle 30 minutes and then it’s too much. I’m wondering if now that the series has gone off book, that I’m finding it more stressful. Not sure. In a total contrast, I’m enjoying The Last Man on Earth. What are you watching these days?

That’s it for now.

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