These MadLib Valentines are ideal for 3rd, 4th or 5th graders. They make a great little gift for both girls and boys, plus they’re candy-free, and not too lovely-dovey. And they look cool!

MadLib Valentines

To make these MadLib Valentines, we trimmed out a stack of MadLib sheets with an exacto knife. (We buy our MadLibs in 2-packs of 6×9 sheets.) Then we trimmed spare pieces of origami paper and craft paper to make 3″ x 6″ strips. Any text weight paper would work for this.

We rolled up a MadLib sheet, then rolled that roll in a strip of decorative paper.

We used craft floss to wrap the roll (10 times around is about right) and tied a shoe lace knot.

We printed out a sheet of messages that said “I’m mad about you,” “I can’t lib without you” and “You have mad skillz.” (Here’s the pdf of the 3 MabLib messages in case you’d like to use them as well.) Then we trimmed them out, hole-punched them, and attached them to an open end of the shoe lace knot.

Ralph was very pleased with how the MadLib Valentines turned out. And I loved how all the patterns and colors looked piled on the table.

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