Pop Up Desk by Handmade Charlotte

By Gabrielle. Images by Handmade Charlotte for Building Blocks.

Did you see the Pop Up Desk DIY on the Building Blocks Blog? It’s so cute. And so doable!

I pin all sorts of projects on Pinterest — some that I will probably some day try, and others that I will never even pretend to attempt, but inspire me in one way or another, or maybe even spark another idea. But this desk I feel like my kids (I’m thinking Oscar and Betty) would totally make! And they’d love it too. It’s a perfect rain day/snow day project. Find the instructions here.

Pop Up Desk by Handmade CharlottePop Up Desk by Handmade Charlotte

Tell me friends, what’s a project or recipe you’ve pinned or bookmarked lately that you actually plan to do? Or maybe have already done! I’d love to see what you’re up to.

P.S. — I’ve mentioned it before, but when Building Blocks first launched, I contributed several articles — like this DIY for a You Are Special Today Plate, and a recipe for a kid-friendly, french fry alternative.