The only other Americans we’ve met in our little town are a lovely retired couple from Texas. The husband, Mark, has made two pilgrimages to Mont St. Michel. He walked from Argentan all the way there, and it took him about 10 days each time. Did you know Mont St. Michel is one of the top 4 pilgrimage sites in Christendom? (I learned that from Rick Steves. : )

I love the idea of making a pilgrimage to a holy place. It would be so different visiting the island abbey as a pilgrim instead of a tourist. I imagine myself approaching, tired and contrite, taking in the views from the top, meditating in the cloisters and keeping open to spiritual enlightenment. When Laura Mayes and I visited Mont St. Michel last month, she commented that she felt a connection there and that it was “one of her places“. That’s such a great feeling. I think Laura should come back to France and take a walk to Mont St. Michel.

How about you? Have you ever wanted to make a pilgrimage? Where would you go? How would you get there?

P.S. — We visited Mont St. Michel again this morning, and the weather was so lovely that we spent most of our time exploring the mudflats all around the island. We saw lots of jellyfish — the first ones I’ve seen in real life!