passport covers colorful

We know that this move to France is going to be really stretching, and overwhelming in lots of ways for all of us, but especially for our kids. So to help get them thinking about it in a positive way, we’re putting together little France kits for each them to open on Christmas Day. I’m thinking we’ll bring these out later in the day, when everyone is feeling mellow and the Christmas morning rush is over. I’m hoping the kits will get some good conversation happening and that the kids will be able to share any hopes, concerns or worries they might be having about the move.

Each kit has:
– a passport cover — and their passports, which (hooray!) arrived two days ago
– a book about France, or a familiar book in French like Goodnight Moon/Bonsoir Lune
– French candy
– and a black wool beret — of course!

Isn’t that fun? I can’t wait to see the kids in their berets.

passport covers colorfulpassport covers colorful

Shopping for passport covers has been delightful. I don’t actually like using a cover myself, but I feel like I’ll need to be able to pass out specific passports quickly (among the stack of 8) while we’re traveling, so I thought it would be fun to assign out a color or pattern for each child. Here’s what I’ve found:

– Pastel colors with little airplanes. Adorable!
– Simple paper/vinyl covers for $5 each.
– I also talked with Susan of Freshly Picked about having some made in pretty metallic leathers.

Or. Maybe I should just use washi tape to customize the passport spines instead.