Here it is! Your annual guide on What to Wear to School. This post features Betty Blair (6th grader, and new to middle school), and June Blair (2nd grader).

Fun fact: this post marks the first time in 13 years that we haven’t had at least 2 kids in elementary school. Hah!

Come see what Betty and June are wearing to school this year.


Fall 2017 Back to School Outfit #1

Betty is wearing a ruffled, buffalo check top from Target, and a pair of faded pink jeans that have been handed down from Maude to Olive to Betty. Black Converse too.

June is wearing a striped tee and army-green joggers — both from Target (I’m not seeing the pants online, but I know I’ve seen them in-store very recently). Black Nike sneakers. Socks from H&M.


Fall 2017 Back to School Outfit #2

Betty is wearing a pink flare-sleeve top and army-green pants from Uniqlo. Gold flats are from Forever 21 — hand me downs from Maude.

June is wearing a grey pleated skirt from Uniqlo, a pink tee from H&M, a buffalo check flannel shirt and cable-knit knee socks from Target. High-tops with ribbon laces from Zara. This is what June wore on the first day of school.

Fall 2017 Back to School Outfit #3

Betty is wearing yellow jeans and navy top/sweater from J.Crew (the top is sweater material on the sleeves and front, but the back panel isn’t knit — it’s like a polka dot broadcloth). The red ribbon flats are from Zara. This is Betty’s favorite outfit this year by far, and she wore it on the first day of school.

June is wearing jeans with little hearts from Target, a striped sweater from Uniqlo (it’s listed on their site as a tee, but I think it’s more like a sweater — and only $10!), socks from H&M, and navy canvas sneakers from the boys department at Old Navy. (Pro-tip: the boys section often has more durable shoes than the girls department.)


Fall 2017 Back to School Outfit #4

Betty is wearing navy joggers and a navy striped boatneck top from Uniqlo (the top is a thick knit and it’s only 10 bucks!). With salt water sandals (also in navy), and a red bandana. She’s also wearing a blue watch.

June is wearing pencil-print leggings and a sparkly tee, both from Target. Sweater-knit sneakers from Old Navy. And a fleece vest from Amazon (the vest is available in lots of fun bright colors). June sometimes wishes she wore glasses, so she wears these frames for fun once in awhile (some old sunglasses with the lenses popped out).


And that wraps up the 2017 What to Wear to School Guide!

Thoughts? Are your kids wearing similar items this year? Do they happen to have a particular style you can define? Like maybe they love a retro look or a goth look? Do they love putting together outfits? Or are they more in the can’t-be-bothered category? I’d love to hear!

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