Today marks one month in France. Can you believe that? I hardly can. It has absolutely flown by, and I woke up this morning despairing that I’m somehow not making the most of it.

So before I spiraled into a very sad place, we made of list of what we’re proud of accomplishing this month:

We got French SIM cards for our phones.

We took Olive to Montpellier in the south of France. It was the first time we traveled south via high speed train.

We got the kids registered for school, made changes to their class schedules, and managed to find everything on the epic list of school supplies.

We researched lots of cars, settled on a specific model, then found one used without too many kilometers — we picked it up this morning.

We signed up the kids for swim team, orchestra + private music lessons, horseback riding, and handball — and secured all the appropriate equipment.

We had lots of happy lunches and afternoon meetups (called gouter) and dinners with old friends.

We opened a bank account at a local branch.

We’ve figured out where and when church is and loved attending our ward.

We took the ferry to England and got to attend the wedding of our niece. (And found fascinators to wear!)

We found a rental house to live in and it’s right in the center of town — easily walkable to school and shops and everything else. (We sign the rental agreement on Wednesday, and can move in October 9th. Our container arrives in France on October 9th as well — but it will take several days before the actual delivery is made. We’ll stay in an Airbnb until the delivery.)

We’ve done a bit of local sightseeing — like visiting Chateau Carrouges and taking drives in the country.

We installed a new mailbox at the Cottage, and discovered tons of grapes growing there.

We’ve attended some cultural events, like a Catholic mass featuring Gregorian chants sung by the local nuns, and a vernissage (an art opening).

We’ve eaten so much yogurt and cheese!

We’ve had one language exchange and are working to set up more.

We’ve arranged for car insurance and rental insurance.

Work wise, Ben Blair has met with Students and Subject Experts from 15 different countries all over the world (the meetings are online). Alt Summit had a very successful Call for Presentations — with over 1400 pitches! And of course, I’ve loved our conversations here over the last month.

And we looked at a whole lot of real estate. Then we put an offer on a house — and it was accepted!! Next steps are waiting for the inspections (they call them diagnostics here) to make sure there aren’t any surprises before we commit. (The stairs at top are in the house we put an offer on.)

After I made this list, I felt a whole lot better. We feel super lucky to be here and super lucky that we get to have these experiences! Everything takes longer than I think it will, but it all gets done eventually.

Have you ever felt like that? Like time is slipping by and you’re not taking advantage of everything available to you? Have you ever made a list to calm yourself down? Hah! I’d love to hear.