By Gabrielle.

I’m so pleased to share another episode with did with ulive! It’s called The Clockmaker and it’s really lovely. As Ralph explains in the video, in France, all students in the 9th grade (troisieme) do a professional internship. We were so excited that Ralph could intern with Jean-Francois, a clockmaker in our small town.

clockmaker image

After Ralph’s first day on the job, he came home determined that this would make a great Olive Us episode. When we went to explore the shop, Le Diable au Cadran, we too became mesmerized by the possibility!

Thankfully, Jean-Francois was very open to the idea as well. He was such an easy-going, creative and fun person to work with, and his shop is really something to experience. I’m sure it has something to do with all the gears, dials, faces, hands, and tools — plus the ever present tick-tocking. We love how the video turned out. And we love that Ralph was able to experience in internship while in France. We hope you enjoy it!

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