By Gabrielle.

The latest Olive Us episode features a pottery lesson from Master Potter, Joe Bennion in his studio at Horseshoe Mountain Pottery.

Friends, I have to tell you what a treat it was to make this episode. Joe is simply a delight and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get to spend an afternoon with him.

I didn’t have my big camera with me that day, but I took about a million photos with my phone. The pottery is so beautiful! While we were in his shop, we picked out a pie plate to take home as a souvenir. I wish I could get to his shop right now! His pottery would be wonderful as holiday gifts.

If you’d like to see the kids’ finished pottery, Joe posted a photo of the fired pieces on his blog. We can’t wait to visit again next summer to pick up our pottery and spend more time in Joe’s shop.

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