Here I am, feeling like I just got back to France, and now I’m flying to New York today. Hooray! I can hardly believe my luck. I’ll be there through the week to help host and put on Alt Summit NYC (which is going to be amazing!). The weather will be summery and hot (no surprise), but even in the dog days of August, New York is so appealing to me. You too?

Extra-fun: my French friend Caroline is coming too! She’s never been to New York — never been to America, actually — and she’s over the moon about it. I have meetings and appointments throughout the week, but Caroline will get to play tourist. During the plane ride, we’re going to map out an awesome NYC itinerary. For Caroline, it will include cupcakes because… SHE HAS NEVER HAD ONE.

(Don’t you think that deserved all caps?)

She’s had plenty of chances when she visits Paris, but she wanted to wait until she could have the real thing in America. Isn’t that fantastic? If you were planning a New York itinerary for Caroline, what would you put on your don’t miss list?

Historic photo of Grand Central Station from the NYC Municipal Archives.

P.S. — I have tons of fun posts for this week, including 3 more for today, so definitely stay tuned.