By Gabrielle.

Six years ago, I wrote a post about how we handle New Year’s Resolutions with our kids. But that feels like eons ago, so I thought it would be fun to revisit the topic. It’s one of our favorite family traditions!

I adore making goals and resolutions. I love having a plan — even if the plan falls through. And I love having a handy list of goals and daydreams where I can focus my thoughts when I’m discouraged or distracted. The photo above (one of the zillion I snapped in Venice) makes me think of why I like resolutions — they function as a map for me as I head into the foggy unknown of the new year.

Our family keeps a journal where we record our resolutions. To help our kids get started thinking about the coming year, they get a short reminder (read: lecture) about what resolutions are for — to become better people. Then, Ben Blair and I offer them prompter questions to get them started:

This year, I want to learn: __________
I want to read: __________
I want to make: __________
I want to visit: __________
I want to change: __________
(The change prompt is supposed to help you think of something like a bad habit you’d like to get rid of.)
I want to be better at: __________
Most of all I want: __________

The journal is a treasure! It’s also a wonderful resource where the kids can see how much they’re growing and changing. The older kids love to read the resolutions from their early years — here are Olive’s resolutions at age 5:

Olive’s 2007 resolutions:
I want to learn: ballet, again
I want to read: all kinds of books
I want to make: a playdough horse
I want to change: (she couldn’t think of anything she wanted to change)
I want to visit: Emily Dowdle (a neighbor)
Most of all I want: an Ariel barbie

Five years old is so cute!

Are you a goal-lover like I am? Do you make yearly goals with your kids? Any tips or traditions you’d like to share?

P.S. — Famous resolutions.