Awhile back I mentioned meeting up with Paula, the Editor-in-Chief for Crescer, the big parenting magazine in Brazil, where she asked me to write an article. Well the issue with my article came out today. (Hooray!)

I can’t believe I have a byline. I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy. My kids are going to think they’re famous. Since I don’t read Portuguese, I’m going to need to look up the essay I sent over and remind myself what I wrote — I hope it was good.

And a huge thank you to Jeff Taylor for taking the family picture. I was imagining they were requesting the photo for a little spot on the “Contributors” page, but clearly, when they saw Jeff’s amazing shot, they felt it was feature worthy. Thanks, Jeff! (It’s so great to see a portrait of the Blairs without a single family member picking their nose.)