When Ben Blair and I were in Paris for our no-kids weekend, we went to the D’Orsay Museum. We both rented a headphone tour guide and spent several leisurely hours wandering around the museum. Sometimes together. Sometimes alone. It was luxurious to feel so un-rushed.

Kids at a museum is a different feel, but we still love it. In Amsterdam, the whole family visited the Van Gogh museum. It’s a great one for kids, because it’s not too big and you can still see a lot in an hour (which is about how long my little ones can last). For this visit we tried something new: We started at the gift shop and had the kids pick out a favorite postcard. We purchased the favorites and then treated the rest of the museum visit like a treasure hunt, trying to spot the originals we could see on our postcards. This was especially great for Oscar and Betty — and the postcards make wonderful souvenirs!

How about you? Do you take your kids to art museums? Have any tips or tricks you can share?