Have you reached Valentine’s Day overload yet? I hope not. Because I’ve got more good stuff coming your way. Yesterday we finished up Maude’s school Valentines. Maude is a maker. Last year, she gave origami hearts filled with treats. This year, she is way into friendship bracelets — and she wanted to make one for everyone in her class — so she did.

It took her about 3 hours total. An evening, a morning and an afternoon work session. She used an especially simple pattern so she could work quickly. Also, she kept a specific classmate in mind as she picked the colors for each bracelet — so, for a boy who’s a big Yankee fan, Maude would choose white and blue. They turned out wonderfully and Maude felt great about them.

I was wishing I had a copywriter at my side while we came up with Valentine messages. Mostly we used the words “friend” and “knot.” We printed the messages on cardstock, trimmed them out, punched two holes and threaded the bracelets through, ready to be tied on to wrists and ankles.

Here’s a pdf of the 6 friendship bracelet messages. Also, here’s friendship bracelet tutorial from Maude.