crackers, ham, cheese, fruit

Photo and text by Lindsey Johnson

Remember when Lunchables first came out and you begged (I mean, begged) your mom to get you one. But then after all the hype it just wasn’t as good as you were hoping? Yeah, me too. That’s why I refuse to buy them for my kids. They’ll thank me for it later, I’m sure.

Nothing could be easier than this Menu #5 from our Lunch Menu Series. The best part is that it is also one of my kids’ favorite lunches. I have one who will spread cheese on the crackers and layer with lunch meat. And one who eats everything separately, and yet another who creates her own cracker sandwiches. It gives them the chance to be a little creative here. You can totally sub whatever cheese, meat, crackers, and fruit your kids like best. It’s just a nice reminder that sometimes nothing tastes better for lunch than good old crackers and cheese.

– assorted crackers (one or two kinds)
– ham
– cheddar cheese stick
– herbed goat cheese (you could sub cream cheese or Laughing Cow)
– grapes
– strawberries

– For younger kids, skip the spreadable cheese and knife and use sliced or cubed cheese instead.

– Lunch blox from Rubbermaid
– Zippered reusable pouch from Blue Avocado