chicken enchiladas

By Lindsey Johnson of Café Johnsonia for Design Mom.

Menu #20 of our Lunch Box Series is all about the leftovers. I’m a big fan of sending them to school for lunch with my kids. Chicken enchiladas is a favorite. Here I’ve added some tortillas chips and salsa and cinnamon applesauce. It’s a very filling hot lunch that I know will always be eaten and enjoyed. And I love the bonus that my leftovers are getting used up!

chicken enchiladas
– tortilla chips and salsa
– cinnamon apple sauce
– water

– Preheat the insulated bowl by pouring boiling water inside, draining it and adding the hot food.
– Topping the enchiladas with sour cream eliminates the need for another container.

Fit and Fresh containers
Thermos Bottle
Thermos Funtainer