tuna sandwich with pea shoots-2

Photo and text by Lindsey Johnson.

For Menu #2 in our Lunch Box Series, it’s all about the brown bag, baby! Everything in this lunch is recyclable or compostable — nothing to bring home. This is ideal for events like field trip days when students don’t always have their backpacks handy for carrying home lunchboxes. It also works great if you don’t happen to have reusable lunch gear on hand.

I kind of went old school with the tuna on wheat, but added a little twist that my oldest daughter loves — pea shoots, also called sprouts.  They are crunchy and fresh and taste like sweet, just-picked peas. If you can’t find the pea shoots, substitute baby spinach or another kind of sprout.

tuna sandwich with pea shoots

– Tuna sandwich on wheat bread with pea shoots/sprouts
– Cinnamon applesauce (no sugar added)
– Clementine
– Baby cheese wheel
– Snack size chocolate bar
– Bottled water


– Another great thing about this menu? It partially relies on easy, store-bought items for those days when you don’t have time or when you want to make things extra easy on yourself.

– This is a lunch that older kids can put together themselves.


– Compostable utensils at Amazon.

Green napkins from IKEA.