pretzels+chocolate dip

By Lindsey Johnson of Café Johnsonia for Design Mom.

Menu #19 in our Lunch Box Series is another favorite snack-y lunch. There are lots of little finger foods that are perfect for sharing with a friend, but tasty enough I know they’ll eat them.

– whole grain pretzels with chocolate nut butter dip
– grapes
– baby carrots
– dried mango pieces
– cottage cheese
hardboiled egg

– I’ve started substituting Nutella with a healthier version from Nuttzo. If your kids attend a nut-free or peanut-free school, substitute with cookie butter, sunflower butter, or hummus.
– I wrote a tutorial all about cooking the perfect hardboiled egg.
– This lunch requires an ice pack.

– Fit and Fresh container
– Lunchblox
– Thermos bottle