veggies + dip

Image and text by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom.

For Menu #13 of our Lunch Box Series, we’re doing another snack-y lunch because they are so popular! This time I’ve created a mini-relish tray (minus pickles) with a homemade Ranch dip (Greek yogurt and seasoning mix). Instead of cheese, I’ve included a squeezable yogurt.

-mixed veggies + olives
– ranch dip
– salami + ham
– cereal bar
– honey whole wheat pretzels
– squeezable yogurt
– grapes

– I like to roll the lunch meat. It’s easy to pick up eat and it’s more fun. :)
– You can freeze the yogurt so it stays extra cold, but my kids said it stays cold enough with the ice pack.

– Lunch box from IKEA (available in-store in the US)
– Orange container and dip container by Lunch Blox
Lunchskins snack bag
Camelbak water bottle